Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Camps at Carroll College Montana

Contact: Brandon Veltri, SID
Phone: 406.447-5519

Camps at Carroll College

Helena MT. As Elementary and High Schools across the state draw to a close on another academic year, Coaches and staff at Carroll College continue to expand on several of the top athletic camps offered across Montana.

Carroll college head women's soccer coach Mark Hiemenz will offer two separate soccer schools at Carroll. This summer soccer schools will be offered one week for girls ages 8-17 and an additional week for boy 8-17. Due to increasing popularity and support of Coach Hiemenz soccer schools, this marks the first time that camp will be offered in two separate sessions.

"I have been working soccer camps for over 10 years," Said Hiemenz. "With this experience, I have been able to include specific qualities to the Carroll College Soccer Schools to make them better, which in turn improves the overall experience of the participants."

With the recent expansion of separate girl and boy's camps, Coach Hiemenz and the Carroll soccer school offers one of the few camps in the region specifically tailored for boys ages 8-17. "The Carroll soccer school will provide college level players exposure, and the opportunity to work with male collegiate coaches from the region," said Hiemenz.

The girls only soccer school will run from June 12th-16th, spots are filling up quickly and the registration deadline is this Friday June 3rd. The boys only school will run from July 10th-13th spots are available.

For additional information including on campus rates please visit the Carroll website at or visit the Carroll College PE Center by walk in or phone 406-447-4480


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